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Information for incoming students

By completing your studies at the Institute of Psychology in University of Opole, you will acquire knowledge about human functioning, useful not only in the profession of a psychologist, but also in all industries where people are important. Psychological studies also allow for a deeper understanding of people and phenomena happening in the world around us.

By choosing to study with us, you will learn about:

  • most important personality theories;
  • psychological concepts that have changed the understanding of a man;
  • psychological diagnosis;
  • basics of psychotherapy;
  • psychological tests;
  • conducting trainings and workshops;
  • psychological research design;
  • Basics of psychological help and support;
  • rules of ethics of a psychologist;
  • methods of effective development and learning.

Our graduates work in psychological clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, drug addiction centers, uniformed services, psychological laboratories, research centers or in companies as employees of HR, marketing, recruitment departments and many other places.

People who graduated from the Institute of Psychology of the UO find employment in places where they use the knowledge acquired during their studies. They are satisfied with their work and many believe that they have achieved professional success. Some of them join the research and didactic staff of the Institute to educate next generations of psychologists.

University unit Coordinator Contact
Institute of Psychology,
Departamental Coordinator
dr Barbara Zmaczyńska-Witek Institute of Psychology
45-052 Opole, pl. Staszica 1
Institutional ERASMUS Coordinator mgr Karolina Młotek Office of Research and International Relations,
Opole University
45-040 Opole, ul. Katowicka 98 DS Kmicic
phone:+48 77 541 59 75
University contact for Incoming Students mgr Mohammad Murtaza Kohistani e-mail:
phone:+48 77 45 27 028


Winter term:

  • Psychology of Leadership (Lecture, 2 ECTS)

Spring term:

  • Vocational interests (Lecture, 1 ECTS)
  • Synaesthesia and individual differences (Lecture, 3 Ects)
  • Intercultural communication in theory and practice (Lecture, 2 Ects)

Current full list of curses taught in english at Opole University can be found here:


dr hab. Romuald Derbis, prof. UO – Director
dr hab. Dariusz Krok, prof. UO – Vice-Director, Research
dr Radosław Walczak – Coordinator – Psychology

Our Department started in 1997. We have a typical 5-year Master’s training program.
Areas of Specialization Include:

  • Stress and natural disasters
  • Community psychology, including homelessness, unemployment and poverty‏
  • Sport psychology
  • Health psycholgy
  • Work & organisational psychology
  • Family psychology, adoption, and foster care
  • Addictions psychology
  • Positive psychology